Beulah Christian Baptist Church

Young Adults

 “Beulah’s young adult ministry is dedicated to reaching young adults from the time they graduate high school all the way through their thirties. Our focus is to make sure each one has the training through Bible study to go out and be the hands and feet of our Savior. Through our Sunday school class, The Friends of Faith, we offer each young adult the ability to study and rightly divide God’s Word each Sunday morning at 10:00am (currently our Sunday School class is meeting in a combined class with all adults due to Covid-19). Through our Beulah Life Group (small group) studies offered throughout the year, we offer a chance for each young adult to dive even deeper into God’s Word, build an even stronger relationship with the Lord, and prepare each one for reaching the world around us with the love of Jesus. Not only do we have great Bible study and outreach opportunities, we have lots of fun and fellowship through activities offered through our Sunday school class and through the young adult ministry itself. Come and be a part of what God is doing at Beulah with our young adult ministry.”

Assistant Pastor Jordan Martin

Minister to Young Adults

Bible Study Class is dedicated to young college age kids, young career minded adults, and young adults and couples with young families who meet to study, learn, and go out to live God's Word.

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