Beulah Christian Baptist Church

Updated Covid-19 Schedule: 

For our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services, please continue to sit closely with only members of your household and leave comfortable spacing between you and others. 

If you would like to wear a mask or are more comfortable wearing a mask, we still have some available by the entrances to our church.   

We strongly encourage the use of hand sanitizer when you enter the facility, after contact with other people and/or after contact with regularly touched surfaces. 

Sunday School and Wednesday evening classes for all ages have resumed.  Parent's, it is your discretion if you would like your child to wear a mask during class times.

Nursery is provided for our Sunday morning 11:00am service and our Wednesday evening 6:45pm service with sanitation guidelines observed. 

We will continue to use PowerPoint, our All-Call system, our website, and social media for all church announcements. 

We will continue to not have a “Meet and Greet” as a part of the service.

We will continue to worship by giving our tithes and offerings as we leave the church services or via our online options on the website.  Ushers will be standing ready by the doors as you exit to receive your tithes and offerings.  

We encourage you to fellowship with one another as we are the body of Christ, but we do ask that you be courteous not to crowd others when you do so. 

The church will be sanitized on Mondays and Fridays to mitigate the spread of germs in addition to the regular sanitation and cleaning that is done weekly. 

No Sunday PM worship services.