Beulah Christian Baptist Church

Updated Covid-19 Schedule: Beginning Sunday, December 27, 2020.

(Due to the tremendous surge in Covid-19 cases in our area and surrounding areas, we will follow this updated schedule until further notice. Any changes that need to be made in the future will be posted here.. ALL changes different from before are highlighted in BOLD below.)

We will continue Sunday 11:00am services in person and online.

We are asking all of those who are physically able to wear a mask inside the church facilities, ESPECIALLY when social distancing is not possible.

There will be no Sunday School until further notice.

We will continue to have a nursery and children’s church for our Sunday service with social distancing and sanitation guidelines observed. We are asking and expecting all teachers/workers who are physically able to wear a mask.

We will continue to use Power Point to make any announcements.

No “Meet and Greet” as a part of the service.

We will continue to worship by giving our tithes and offerings as we leave the church services or via our online option on the website.

We will not have choir or choir practices until further notice.

We will also NOT have CONGREGATIONAL SINGING for now.

We will continue to have all classes for our Wednesday PM services including Nursery, Explorers, Pre-Teens, Teens, Young Adult Life Groups, and Adult Prayer Meeting. All class members are asked to sit in every other chair. Physical distancing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing will be practiced. As well, we are asking and expecting ALL TEACHERS who are physically able to wear a mask. We ask all class members who are able to wear one as well. .

For our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services, sit in every other pew with only 5 or less (3 or less on the smaller pews) per pew unless the ones sitting on the pew all live in the same house.

No Sunday PM worship services and no classes, practices, or planned events on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Our First Saturday of the month Praise & Worship services will resume on February 6, 2021 at 6:00pm.

We will continue our daily scripture and prayer “all calls”

All church announcements and updates will continue to be given via our "all call" system and on our social media sites.