Beulah Christian Baptist Church

Schedule 1: May 24, 2020 through July 26, 2020

Weekly Services Only at 11:00am on Sunday

The week before we return, thoroughly sanitize sanctuary and every room at the church

No Sunday School; however, we will continue the Zoom classes for the groups that are currently having them.

For our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services, sit in Every other pew with only 5 or less per pew unless the ones sitting on the pew all live in the same house

We WILL have a nursery and Children’s church for our Morning service with social distancing and sanitation guidelines observed.

We will not have a printed bulletin but will use Power Point to make any announcements

No “Meet and Greet” as a part of the service

No choir will be used. Instead, we will use the praise teams

Offerings will be given as you exit the church on Sundays

No Sunday PM or Wednesday PM worship services; however, the Facebook live-streaming including all children live-streams, Tuesday and Thursday night devotions and Wednesday night prayer meeting will continue.

We will continue our daily scripture and prayer “all calls”